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A Grown Woman's Child Rant

To those who read this for updates; there will be one soon!

This is a promise and it's not empty. I've been going through some issues, moved a couple of times and though I see a couple more moves in my future they won't be as big as my last.

Now for my rant and the reason for my promise of updates.

Forgive my language- But here's a 'fuck you' to every author who has made a story with a 'female' version of a man character. I see what you're doing and it needs to stop. I don't want to read about a female Harry, Duo, Naruto, or Joey! How dare you do this to such beautiful MEN! I can understand wanting to try something different, but it seems to me that lately all I see are more of this annoyance.

And here's a bigger 'fuck you!!' to you bastards that put FemNaruto under the Naruto U. character list. You want female Naruto? Naruko U. Is right fucking there! Use that it's his sexy-no-jutsu's form! There is your fucking female Naruto.


And my rant is done, and there will be yaoi and it will rain down hard upon this live journal. I was asked a favor from on of my friends who is a Naruto lover/fan. She begged me for the next chapter of TLTCC-- which will be posted-- and she also asked for a yaoi Narutox list challenge. Basically I will be doing short or lengthy one shots with Naruto and all the other men of the Naruto verse. We're going down the FFN list! So look out for that!!

So ist das Leben...

:Such is life...:

I am aware of the drastically long wait between chapters for TLTCC and I can't apologize enough. Those of you have been waiting both patient and impatiently; fear not for the 'show' must go on.

Life snuck up on me these past long months, and like a spoiled ten year-old hogging the slide; it shoved me hard. For those of you who don't know I am attending college trying to become a 'professional' librarian... all I can say is that this term was especially tedious and time consuming-- and that wasn't even for my actual Library courses!! I'm beginning to remember one of the many reasons I despised school; you always seem to get stuck with shit filler courses you don't even want (only now I have to dig deep into my wallet to take them).

This is becoming more of a rant than an explanation; so I'll bring us back on track and apologize for the little tangent above. TLTCC is still being written; due to the long time of my being away from this story (and the little time I've had to even think of it) I'm struggling to continue on where I left off (sadly mid-chapter). I have my notes with me containing constant reminders of what I was thinking for this chapter and future chapters to come (yes I do create outlines don't laugh), I just have to get back in to the flow of my writing style as it tends to change depending on my mood.

With this in mind I feel guilty about the absence of updates so would like to assure you and forewarn you of my next chapter. We'll be dealing with Kyubi 'conversing' during an ongoing search and rescue (when Sasuke is willingly taken to Orichimaru) and Naruto will be having a somewhat conversation with Kyubi after he falls unconscious due to exhaustion. I just don't want any of you to be confused (and for this to serve as sort of a teaser) when they talk to one another. 

Also I'm in the process of writing several small one shots to get me going with the flow, so look out for those! 

This Line They Cannot Cross, Chapter I

Here is the revised edition of TLTCC chapter I! I hope you enjoy it and continue to look forward to the remaining chapters!

Rating : Safe
Pairing : KyubixNaruto
Summary : A love that runs deep... he's found a way to be with them; but can Naruto accept he is not alone in his own mind?


This Line They Cannot Cross, Chapter ICollapse )



This Line They Cannot Cross, Prologue

As promised I am determined to continue on with my past stories. 'This Line They Cannot Cross' being one of them. I would like to take a moment to explain the reason for tardiness in regards to this written work...

When I had first begun this 'series' it was originally just to be a one shot (or possibly a series of one shots), however by demand and interest it became what it is now. The problem was timing; I started during a turning point in the series which led to many a mistake! It was pride and vanity that would not allow me to continue with the story because the plot no longer coincided with the original!

So it sat for three years collecting dust and mocking me. I took a cleansing breath, reread the manga and made notes of how I could continue with my story the way I had planned it (Sasuke staying and not becoming a supreme jackass) while breathing easy knowing I kept it as to the original plot as I could. And then the nitpicking started... so here is the revised edition of previous chapters of TLTCC. From here on out we are continuing with possibly many fluffy one offs in between. Enjoy and share your thoughts and views.

Title : This Line They Cannot Cross
Rating : Worksafe
Pairing : KyubixNaruto
Summary : The bloodlust had overwhelmed him; and punished for his crimes he is forced to live a life through a child's eyes. Now that child has grown, and his affection for Naruto as well. A love that runs so deep... now he has to live it with them.


This Line They Cannot Cross, PrologueCollapse )



Recently I uploaded my Christmas special story for Naruto, titled "The 'Christmas'" onto FFN; it seems a lot of people really liked it with all the hits and story favorites I received. However, I'm not going to lie-- I was extremely disappointed that no one seemed to gift me with a single review. I know some of you enjoyed it (I'm under the impression that one would not add a story to their favorites list without considering it first a favorite) and yet apparently did not bother to take the time to show it. The chances of anyone reading this is slim, I know; but that doesn't change the fact that I was and still am a little offended, sad, and pissed.

Honestly when I'm asked why it takes me forever to post certain works, this really is one of the issues that I have. Why should I bother posting my works if no one is going to take a little extra time out of their day and review? And yet, despite my being hurt I will continue on with my written works. I'll lick my wounds and stew over the 'injustice' of it all later on.

Oneshot - 'The Christmas' Part II

Well this 'one shot' appears to be long for my posts, so I had to split it in two parts. They're a little lop-sided but I was torn between where I wanted to cut it off; eventually I chose here. I just cut to another time leap, so I didn't see a point in putting a 'previously' line...

Rating : Some steamy parts.
Pairing : KyubixNaruto
Summary : The second half of 'The Christmas' 
Disclaimer : Aotskun does not in any way or form own Naruto.


'The Christmas' Part IICollapse )


Oneshot - 'The Christmas' Part I

I've been getting a lot of grief over my one Naruto story never being updated; sadly I still can't find the chapters I had ready, instead I'll be sharing a side holiday story... Tis the season and all that.

Rating : Some steamy parts.
Pairing : KyubixNaruto
Summary : Naruto wants to celebrate Christmas and Kyubi is determined to find the perfect gift.
Disclaimer : Aotskun does not in any way or form own Naruto.

'The Christmas' Part ICollapse )



Oneshot - Lessons Learned

I'm a self claimed KaibaxJonouchi fan; however my dark secret is a passion for Dark BakuraxJonouchi fanfiction. Sadly there's just not enough out there to keep me happy, and seeing as how I had so many fic ideas with this pairing roaming around in my head I have decided to try my hand at it. Probably won't be as good as the small few dedicated to this pairing (it's also unbetaed); but it is here all the same, maybe this will encourage more...

Rating : Work safe
Pairing : Dark Bakura/Thief Bakura x Jonouchi Katsuya
Summary : He couldn't leave knowing that something was missing, that he was leaving someone behind. So now that he's been given a gift; can he really understand the value of a God's lesson?
Disclaimer : Aotskun does not in any way or form own Yu-Gi-Oh.


Lessons Learned (one shot)Collapse )


Oneshot - Pieces

Despite my trying to post, I seem to keep running into walls. This isn't neccessarily an excuse, more of a written truth that I underestimated just how time consuming my classes would be...

Rating : Work safe
Pairing : YamixYugi
Summary : His wants were always known, his needs however were clouded... so why is it that when he finally realizes what he needs its gone forever? [May be a tear-jerker]

Pieces (oneshot)Collapse )Read more...Collapse )

Ever Watchful Chapter One

Here is the first chapter of Ever Watchful; I also feel that I have to defend my complete OOCness at times for some of the characters. While I wrote this story I was rereading the original manga and several dozen doujinshi. The characters are feminine because of the constant reading of the fan comics. I still feel however that while they take on a more submissive/feminine quality they still keep most of their personality. It was intentional, trying to make it feel like one was reading a doujinshi novel...

Rating : Work safe
Disclaimer : Aotskun does not in any way or form own Yugioh.


Ever Watchful Chapter OneCollapse )